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Choosing a Removals Service in Teesside​

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We specialise in helping house movers in Middlesbrough and surrounding areas find the most suitable, cheap house removals service and moving firms. Although everyone’s requirements will be different, everyone is looking for the best deal without compromising on the service they receive. The internet can be a minefield, selling cheap removals without really helping you judge which option is best. We’ve therefore put together a list of the different types of removals service and available so that you can decide which one will suit you best.

Van Hire – A Cheap Removals Option?

Your first option is to take the job into your own hands and hire a van from one of the van hire companies in Middlesbrough, such as Minster Self-Hire or Practical Van Hire. While sometimes this might appear to be the cheap option, there are hidden costs to be aware of.

If you are thinking of hiring a van for cheap removals in Middlesbrough or Darlington, click here to view a list of things to consider

Man in a van

Using a ‘Man in a Van’ for your removals can be a cost effective way of moving. This is particularly the case if you are not in a chain or moving into a rented property. Quite often, you can arrange for a single driver to arrive. This can further reduce the cost, but means you might have to help lift.
When you search for cheap removals in Middlesbrough, it’s likely that you will be presented with a lot of local ‘Man in Van’ traders, and it’s hard to know who to trust. Consider these things when thinking of booking a man in a van:

Check the equipment is suitable for your move.

Is the van equipped with the right items to lift any heavy items of furniture you have? Does it contain clean furniture blankets and tethers to protect your contents?

Check the for hidden costs.

A lot of man in van traders will charge on an hourly basis. This can work out favourably but it could mean you end up paying if a delay happens, even if it is outside of your control. Where possible, ask for a fixed price.

Check the insurance policy.

When your contents are being transported, you want to make sure that the vehicle and the driver are covered with a ‘Goods in Transit’ policy. In general, policies will cover your contents up to £20,000, however there might be terms and conditions such that there are some items that aren’t covered.

If you think a ‘man in van’ removals service is the best option for you, click here to get a quote.

Full Removals Service

If you are part of a chain, have a large amount of furniture or you simple want your full move handled for you. With this in mind, then the chances are that you’re looking for an experienced removals company.

In general, this means that there are a team of experienced, qualified movers available to take care of your mouse move and understand the complexities involved in being part of a chain. Expect such companies to have a verified review page from a trusted third party, such as Checkatrade or TrustPilot. It’s likely that the company will want to survey your property ahead of your move, or ask you to fill in a form to gauge what size vehicle will be required. Expect a deposit to be taken to book your moving date, and also be sure to read their terms and conditions so you are aware of any cancellation fees that may occur.

For the most part, these types of companies are likely to offer a full packing service. For those who unable to pack their contents themselves, the job can be handled by the removals firm. As a result, you could go to work in the morning and drive back to your new home, without having packed a single box! However, packing services can come at a premium because of the number of man hours required and the packing materials.

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How Can We Help?

We hope that this article helped you to determine which type of mover is best for you, and how the find cheap removals in Middlesbrough and surrounding areas. If you are still unsure which service is best for you, then please send us an email or call the team on 07736215174.