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Should I hire a van for my house move? Read on!​

should i hire a van

If you’re trying to keep the cost of your removals down, then one thing you might have considered is whether you should hire a van and moving the contents of your home yourself. While this may seem like a more cost efficient way of moving, the hidden costs and potential stresses mean that using a professional moving team is far more effective.

We’ve therefore put together this guide help you to decide whether hiring your own van is the best choice for your move.

Things to consider when thinking of hiring a van for your move:

Have you factored in the cost of insurance when you hire a van?

Firstly, have you checked what is insured? Self-drive outlets often include vehicle cover into the cost of your van, but be aware that this does not include goods in transit insurance. This means that in the eventuality that your contents are damaged whilst moving them to your new home, you are not covered. If you are questioning whether you should hire a van for your house move, then it’s highly likely that you have high value items to transport.

At Mitchell Moves, we are covered for Goods In Transit up to £20,000 and public liability up to £1,000,000. If the worst were to happen, you can rest assured that you are fully insured and protected.

Have you considered the logistics involved in collecting and returning the van?

Secondly, have have you fully anticipated the arrangements for hiring a van? Arranging to get to the van depot, collecting the van and arranging return of the van can be a pain, particularly if you have to rely on other people. Have you considered where to leave a vehicle for collection? Have you looked into the timing of public transport?

Have you calculated any hidden costs when you hire a van?

When hiring a van, you are required to pay a cash deposit in the range of £100-£300 depending on which outlet you use and the size of the van.  If any damage occurs to the vehicle, this deposit is non-refunable. In other words, you could be out of pocket by up to £300. At Mitchell Moves, we require a 25% deposit in advance of your move to secure your booking, and the balance is due on the day. There is no extra outlay or hidden costs and you are not financially exposed should the worst happen.
Additionally, there is no guarantee that your move will be done and dusted by 5.30pm, when most self-drive outlets close for the day. If any delays mean that you happen to arrive later than 5.30pm, you will be charged for the following day hire as well.
Another major factor is the cost of fuel. For a loaded Luton van, it will likely cost you 50p for every mile you travel. When you factor in round trips, pick up and drop off of the van, local movers will often easily spend £80 in fuel alone. All of our quotes are fully inclusive of fuel.

Do you have enough man power for your house move?

Although our team make it look easy, removals is a very physical job. If you do chose to hire a van, make sure your have enough people to help who are in good physical shape. At Mitchell Moves, our team do all heavy lifting, and expect you not to lift a finger. All items will be handled by our professionally trained staff, so there is no risk that you will put your back out!

For further details on lowering the cost of your removals, take a look at our guide to reducing the cost.

In conclusion, make sure you consider the amount of labour required to move by hiring your own van, as well as all of the costs involved.

Our quotes are incredibly competitive and often on par with the cost of hiring your own van.