Terms & Conditions

These conditions explain the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of all parties to this Agreement. Where we use the word ‘You’ or ‘Your’ it means the Customer: ‘We’, ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ means the Remover. These terms and conditions can be varied or amended subject to prior written agreement.

Quotations & Booking Confirmations

It is the customer’s responsibility to provide full disclosure in order for Mitchell Moves to provide accurate quotations. We require full address details of all collection/destination addresses; size of your property including number of stories, number of bedrooms, lofts, sheds, garage each property has that you wish us to move items from; if your property is a flat, which floor it is on and if property is serviced by a working lift; will lift be able to convey all your items, if there is no lift or it is not working, what condition the stairs are for access; approx. distance (in metres) that we can legally park (or park at customers own risk) from your property’s entrance; an inventory including number and size of boxes; how many items can be/or need to be dismantled and therefore reassembled at the destination address. If going into storage, please advise the size of room booked in square feet.

At times we will be at the mercy of prevailing weather conditions, which may prevent us from fulfilling the agreed service by us on the agreed date and time. Please note that especially due to snow and ice, your property may not be accessible due to unpaved and non gritted roads, or locations on steep/hilly inclines.

In these exceptional cases, your move will revert to a “best endeavors only” basis. It will be our intention to minimize any delays where possible.

At no time can Mitchell Moves be held responsible for any costs that you incur due to inclement weather conditions, which prevent us from undertaking your agreed service with us.

Please note we may record conversations for ongoing training purposes and enhanced customer care.

House Removals – Charges

All prices are based on hourly rates unless previously agreed with a fixed transfer price. All services have a minimum charge of two hours with any additional time charged in one hour increments. Prices are estimated to the best of our ability and based on information provided. If a job is to overrun the same hourly rates apply, likewise, if the job was to take less time you will only be charged accordingly subject to minimum booking period.

Unless otherwise stated, the price quoted assumes that the house move can be completed between 8.30am and 5.00pm. If the house move extends beyond 5.00pm, an hourly charge of £39.50 is incurred.

Mitchell Moves charges commence when our team first arrive at your first collection address and finish when our team has unloaded your items at the final delivery address.

When disposing of unwanted furniture items etc. which is classified as Trade Waste, we have to pay Tip Fee which is £65.00+ Vat This needs to be paid in addition to our agreed rate.

Please note that for Health & Safety reasons, we are only able to take residential/office furniture items including white goods but regretfully cannot take general waste. Please ensure that any items destined for the dump are free from dust and dirt etc. If required you may elect to use a separate company to provide a general house rubbish clearance service.

Office Removals

In all cases other than where agreed, office removals are based on a fixed price once a surveyor has assessed both sites. We will let you know the number of days we expect the job to take, and price accordingly. If for any reason the job takes longer than the number of days stated in the quote, then additional charges may apply. If our team are still on site past 5.30pm, an hourly charge of £60 applies.

Cancellation Policy

Mitchell Moves remains committed to being as flexible as possible for our customers. However, in certain circumstances, we incur preparation costs in order ensure we arrive on time. To that end the following will apply; a 25% deposit is required on booking our service. If a cancellation occurs within two weeks of the booked moving date, that deposit is non-refundable. Please note any cancellation advisements must be made during business hours 09:00AM – 17:30PM and be acknowledged by a member of the Mitchell Moves team.

Occasionally, we are unable to begin or complete a move due to last minute changes or failure to complete or exchange contracts. In these unfortunate circumstances, the full balance is due on the expected/agreed day of the move.


Parking outside all collection and delivery addresses remains the responsibility of the customer and must be arranged by the customer. Please contact your local council for further advice on how to arrange for parking dispensations.

If no other arrangements are made and our vehicle is to receive any infringements whilst carrying out your job, the customer is liable to pay for this. We will add the cost of the fine to your bill invoice. Customer will be notified and payment to be received in full on completion of the job.

Please note, we will require parking to be arranged even on the days of “packing only” as our teams will need to transport and deliver materials.

Payment Terms

For all residential and commercial moves, the remainder of payment (after 25% deposit) is required, unless previously agreed, immediately on the completion of your job. Mitchell Moves can accept payment by cash, bank transfer or credit debit card. If the balance on your account is not settled within 7 days of your move date, then a fixed late payment fee of 10% will be added to the bill to cover collection costs. If after 14 days of your move, the account still remains outstanding, further fees might be added to the account or the debt is passed to a partner collection agency who deal with collecting payents on our behalf with their own fees for providing this service.

During The Move

Job arrival times are estimated. Although we always do our best to be on time, circumstances out of our control may cause delays. We will not accept responsibility for any customer losses due to unforeseen or unavoidable delays.

Mitchell Moves reserves the right to refuse, cease or stop the packing or moving process at any time if our staff are abused or threatened in any way.

It will be your sole responsibility to:Declare to us, in writing, the value of the goods being removed. If it is subsequently established that the value of the goods removed is greater than the actual value you declare, you agree that our liability will be reduced to reflect the proportion that your declared value bears to their actual value.

Obtain at your own expense, all documents, permits including parking or visitor permits or vouchers or relevant change for the parking meters, permissions, licenses, customs documents necessary for the removal to be completed. This includes reserving a suitable parking place/suspension bay within close proximity of the property for our vehicle/s.

Be present or represented during the collection and delivery of the removal – both loading and unloading. We are not responsible for any goods if the location or property or our vehicle is left unattended.

Take all reasonable steps to ensure that nothing that should be removed is left behind and nothing is taken away in error.

Arrange proper protection for goods left in unoccupied or unattended premises, or where other people such as (but not limited to) tenants or workmen are, or will be present.

Prepare adequately and stabilize all appliances or electronic equipment prior to their removal.

Empty, properly defrost and clean refrigerators and deep freezers. We are not responsible for the contents.

Provide us with full current contact details (including email address, mobile number and landline number) for correspondence during removal transit.

Other than by reason of our negligence or breach of contract, we will not be liable for any loss or damage, costs or additional charges that may arise from failure to discharge these responsibilities.

Unless agreed by us in writing, before the move, we will not:

Disconnect, re connect, dismantle or re assemble any white goods and or electrical appliances, fixtures, fittings or equipment.

Take up or lay fitted floor coverings.

Move any items to / from a loft, unless properly lit, floored, ventilated and safe access is provided.

Remove and replace windows and / or doors in order to gain access. If written approval is granted it will under the strict condition that it is done so solely at owner’s risk. Please note, that our teams are not authorized or qualified to carry out such work. We recommend that a suitably qualified tradesperson be employed by you to carry out these activities.


If no other agreement is made Mitchell Moves accept no responsibility for damage or loss of property after the job is completed and the payment is received by the Driver and / or via the Mitchell Moves office. Mitchell Moves operates Goods In Transit insurance coverage is up to a maximum of £20,000 – Please note replacement value only – subject to an Insurance excess charge of £995.00 per claim. This is payable by the customer before any claim can be considered. We will not consider any claim for insurance until the job has been paid in full and your insurance excess contribution has been paid and is considered ‘cleared funds’. Please ensure we are made aware of any high value items. It is customer’s responsibility to arrange an extra insurance if required. We do not cover the following: Loss of damage to food and drink, furs, jewelry, watches, precious stones, deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, money or securities for money, stamps of all kinds, manuscripts and other documents. Loss or damage caused by or arising from wear, tear, gradual deterioration, mildew. Moth, vermin or any process of cleaning, repairing or restoring. Mechanical and/or electrical derangements unless caused by external means. Breakage of owner-packed goods unless caused by a major accident to the means of conveyance, loss or damage occurring in premises where the goods are stored, warehoused or temporarily housed in the course of transit. In the event of loss of or damage to any article forming part of a pair or set, the indemnity granted hereunder shall be limited to the proportionate value that article bears to the total value of the pair or set and no additional depreciation shall be paid.

GDPR Compliance Statement

New data protection legislation is coming into force in May 2018 which aims to protect people’s privacy further. The new law applies to all public bodies, businesses and other organisations that process personal data. The legislation comprises the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force on 25 May 2018 and the new Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 which will come into force around the same time. This will provide a single regulation across the European Union (EU) and place obligations on organisations that operate outside of the EU but provide goods or services to EUcitizens.

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) places a high importance on information security and we already hold the ISO 27001 accreditation on Information Security Management Systems.

The IPO is focused on completing preparatory work but work will continue towards GDPR compliance up to and beyond that date. Supporting our work so far has been our GDPR project team, which reports to a board containing three Executive Directors. Working alongside our sponsor the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, our work has been regularly reviewed along with other Whitehall Departments and Executive Agencies. We have also appointed a Data Protection Officer.

Our GDPR principles

we will process all personal data fairly and lawfully

we will only process personal data for specified and lawful purposes

we will endeavor to hold relevant and accurate personal data, and where practical, we will keep it up to date

we will not keep personal data for longer than is necessary

we will keep all personal data secure

we will endeavor to ensure that personal data is not transferred to countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) without adequate protection.